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This is my web site, there are many web sites like this one but this one is mine.

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole

Your main stop for all things conspiracy - theory - facts - unproven and turned out to be facts. Here I have some banned books that have just come to light, some not so popular or known but good reads and some the lame stream media would rather you don't know about, right here, with more as I find them, enjoy this web for now, save each page as you go and all that's here and do the same with all your own favorite web sites and then publish, where you can and be a keyboard warrior.

Early Days for the Underground off the Main Line Media.

I am adding more pages and building this web to try and cover some of the many social media, including you tube, twitter and even some full web sites that are being taken off line, I cant right now replace them all but I hope I can keep up to date with the censorship and web burning that is going on today as this will get worse when the freedom of speech and expression is closed and then we all have to pay for government approved content and that then will be the end of the system we once knew and us being barreled headlong into the Orwellian System he wrote about, even though it was him writing what the collective had said would be done, but that's another story.

The Blue Pill.

Q- Do you still watch and believe mainstream media news?

Q- Do you go out to see movies in the theaters all the time and get absorbed in movies, sports and entertainment?

Q- Are you consumed with your own personal ambitions and don't have time to worry about laws that are being passed, international events and "politics"?

Q- Do you think that those that warn others about our corrupt government are "conspiracy theorists"?

Q- Do you feel a likeable connection to the politicians?

Q- Are you looking for "terrorists" at home or abroad and thankful that the government is protecting you from them?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions you are very likely living in the Matrix of Lies that they have created to keep you duped down and unaware of their crimes and their agenda. This is the metaphoric Blue Pill we seek to expose. Take this time to awaken politically, morally and consciously, become educated and take action now before it's too late. History awaits!!

Did our history happen as we were told it did when we had our history lessons, was the recent world wars fought, won and lost as written and made to film the truth, or was there another side of the story and was the whole world, what we are told really what happened or is there another side of history, the written version never told out there to be found? 

Questions to be asked, were there really giants in the Earth in those day?  Were the God's of old really really real or just figments of a long lost fable story?  What the story of ISIS birth, her father and what was the main theme written by ancient historians and tellers? Interested, then welcome along for a deep dive down the rabbit hole.

Were the stories of history real or just made up impart to make a fake ledged true?

Step inside to read, watch and learn from the other side.

More to the Main Stream news

Are we there yet? are we still online, can we still publish like we used to do>

what now if I can't say what I used to do and then be removed from publishing, what then?

Welcome to the world of offline but still here media, its called getting back your voice

The Soviet Union was brought down, not thorough social media, there was none but what there was and it did  work was, Fax Machines, yes that was how they did it, everyone who was in the circle did fax each other and it grew and did pass on like the stories from the war times, The Underground, it happened and you as a reader, learner and contributor can help so the same.

The net as we know it is being shut down site by site and page by page and if you want to keep up to date and not be fooled by the lame steam then you now need to get a handle on how to do keep your news available, so here is how.

Get yourselves a personal in house server.








"don't be silent when evil is spoken as truth"

   3rd tablet from the emerald tablets of Thoth
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